The President’s Report by Kathleen Bresnan

The President’s Report by Kathleen Bresnan 2017-04-27T16:09:28+00:00

Read reports given by NFWFWF president Kathleen Bresnan:


President’s Report: September 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in making the recent Jan Swanson Benefit Auction a success. To the donors, the volunteers, ...
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President’s Report: August 2017

It is often said that Labor Day ’unofficially’ ends summer (no matter, we all know September is the best month on ...
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President’s Report: July 2017

In early February Senator Elizabeth Warren was giving “a lengthy speech” on the Senate floor in opposition to the nomination of ...
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President’s Report: June 2017

Happy summer and Happy pride month to all. This Saturday afternoon we are gathering locally in Greenport as we have done ...
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President’s Report: April 2017

Dear all, I am sure most of you reading this letter are aware that the first part of NFWFW’s mission is ...
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President’s Report: March 2017

I have a strong recollection from when I was in grade school about the class calendar in the month of March, ...
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President’s Report: January 2017

Hello to all and Happy New Year! As a matter of introduction; my name is Kathy Bresnan and I have been ...
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