The NFWFWF Year End Appeal

The NFWFWF Year End Appeal 2017-01-06T11:56:20+00:00


A Message From the President

ye16-cohen-hsAs we all digest the results of this year’s presidential elections, we stop to consider the impact on services to those in communities like ours. Women, especially those in the LGBTQ community have much to be concerned about. It is clear that demand for the services NFWFWF provides will only increase. Indeed, this past year was the first in a decade where NFWFWF had to temporarily cease giving grants due to high demand and a lack of funds.

As this year ends and the charitable giving rush approaches, we seek your continued support for NFWFWF in its endeavor to help lesbians on the North Fork through healthcare grants, personal assistance through HelpHer, scholarship funds and the general sense of well-being in our community fostered by our events throughout the year.

This year your generosity has enabled NFWFWF to award grants to lesbians on the North Fork that have covered dental work, physical therapy, emergency food assistance, emergency oil, building of ramps and medical bills. One grantee wrote us and exclaimed that as a result of our assistance “I have some of my independence back!!! You are a wonderful organization.” As our membership, and the population in general, ages we have seen an exponential rise in the need for personal assistance. Through HelpHer, we have shoveled walks, assisted in grocery shopping, walked dogs and cared for other pets, accompanied women to doctors’ appointments, therapy appointments, negotiated on behalf of and assisted women facing the loss of electrical and heating services, worked with and counseled hoarders, and provided other forms of hands on assistance. These services are essential to members of our community who may have not have healthcare needs but require other types of assistance. This assistance is often a lifeline for our members and can be essential to maintaining good health as well as staying in one’s home and community.

The number of grants NFWFWF can provide is limited solely by the donations that we procure. In that sense, through NFWFWF, you can have a direct and positive impact on those in our community. Our Board has taken great pains to vastly reduce the amount of funds spent on anything other than grants, education, and awareness building. The current Board has self-funded several of our most popular events – such as the Gay Pride Event, and the Founder’s Event – and commenced a Kickstarter page for the digitization of our archives. Hence, you can be assured that your donation will be used in the most beneficial way possible and that NFWFWF will continue its support of lesbians in our community.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Lori Cohen,
NFWFWF President